Feeling Stuck, Anxious or Overwhelmed?

We live in a microwave, computerized, society that’s addicted to speed. Never before have we worked so hard, moved so fast, felt so much pressure, or faced so much change. Sometimes everything around us is so fast paced we sometimes feel overwhelmed. It’s easy to lose touch with what is really important in life. You wake up one day and wonder whose life you’re living, why everything seems to be so hard and were do you go from here?

Langley BC Counselling

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Since 1995  Affinity Counselling Services in Langley, BC  has specialized in research based tools that work to “help people help themselves.” We help people who are struggling with difficult issues, as well as those seeking growth in their everyday lives. We seek to encourage and facilitate wholeness, personal growth and healing. Counselling is offered for individuals, couples, families.

Effective New Tools for a New Millennium

Our team of counsellors have been trained in all of the traditional methods of creating lasting change in clients, Like Solution Focused Therapy and Emotionally Focused Therapy.  Often Clients have tried these methods with other counselors and still feel stuck.  We believe that a lot of problems like trauma, abuse, anxiety, alcoholism and ADHD to name a few can be more effectively helped using therapies that do not focus on just talking. Many issues feel overwhelming, negative, physically uncomfortable and non-verbal. You often feel like you cannot shake the feeling.   Sometimes a quicker and more effective way is to change the brain through methods like OEI (Observed and Experiential Integration).  Both methods work on the brain itself and often bring quick and tangible relief from problems you have been stuck with for a long time.

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Counselling in Langley, BCWe help clients identify their goals, and bridge the gap between where they are and where they would like to be. We support clients as they structure their lives so they can get what they want in life. People are the product of their decisions and the most important decision in life is to make the right decision. Self-improvement often comes as clients become more accountable to themselves and to others around them and they move forward toward personal goals that will give them the life they really want, We provide you with the support, the tools, and the techniques to master your life.

We will help you identify goals and strategies to create a more balanced life. At Affinity Counselling Services, we are uniquely qualified to guide our clients through life’s more difficult transitions.

We are dedicated to helping others achieve success and happiness in every aspect of their lives.