Life Skills & Coaching in Langley, BC

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At Affinity Counselling Services we believe every person is unique and has special abilities, interests, values and needs.

We believe people are very resourceful and have it within themselves to achieve stability and control in their lives.

Services offered include:

  • Behavioral skills
  • Assertiveness training
  • Self-esteem issues
  • Conflict resolution
  • Communication skills
  • Life transitions
  • How to come to terms with and cope with change.
  • Recognize and identify your own “early-warning” stress symptoms.
  • How to stay in the good-stress phase and make stress work for you.
  • How to reduce tension on-the-spot as it begins to build.
  • The effects of daily relaxation.
  • The importance of vision.
  • How to define your goals and set them.
  • Personal Involvement

This is a proactive program, with ‘active learning keys’ used throughout. The opportunity is provided for involvement and personal interaction to the extent that participants feel comfortable with, and desire.


Lawrence uses a pro-active and interactive approach. He is heavily supportive while encouraging clients to extend both their thinking and functioning. At each session there is feedback from the client(s), re: the practical strategies they have put into practice.


One-to-One: A one to one and a half hour session once a week, or a one and a half to two hour session every two weeks.

Small Groups: Two to two and a half hour sessions weekly or every two weeks.

Time Length

Flexible, but 6-16 sessions recommended.


Contact Lawrence for groups and one-to-one fees.

Follow-up Contact and Assessment

As arranged between parties concerned.

Call 604-530-2660 today for an appointment or to ask more questions.